Hot Dude Of The Day: Zombie Boy Rick Genest Is WAY Hotter As A Zombie

Rick Genest (Zombie Boy) before tattoos and Rick Genest for Ford Homme.
Photo: Courtesy of Facebook/Ford Homme

Rick Genest, also known as "Zombie Boy" for, um, obvious reasons, has been on EVERYONE'S radar as of late. He is the most-talked-about star of Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" video (Gaga company excluded), and he starred (shirtless!) in Thierry Mugler's F/W 2011 campaign. And, OK, yeah, we get it. At first glance you're all "WHOAAAA. SCARY DEAD DUDE WITH EVEN SCARIER PIERCINGS. Who would actually do this to themselves?" But, hey. Listen, people. LOOK AT HIM. Like, actually look at him. The dude is CHISELED. And sooo high fashion it hurts. Look at his crisp white shirt paired with his fitted suit jacket. UMPH. We don't know if his tattoo artist just did some amazing shading on his face or what, but he's kind of sort of really hot. Also, if you ever plan on catcalling him, he goes by Rico, not Rick (Lady Gaga says so), which is pretty awesome/makes him a bajillion times hotter. So, what's the next logical step when we're obsessed with a dude we don't know? Internet stalk, obvi. As we dived deeper and deeper into the Google images abyss, we stumbled upon a picture of him *gasp* SANS TATTOOS.

And you know what? Now we're seriously conflicted. Is a tatted-up, hairless zombie dude hotter than just good ol' Rick from Canada? We respect the studded, weathered leather jacket he's sporting, but we're not the hugest fan of the baseball cap. I mean, we're not super mad about it because we're assuming all of his money went toward tattoos, but we prefer Rick the way he is now. High fashion + intricate body art + fearlessness = perfection.

P.S.- His mom says he always replies to all of her text messages, even when overseas. Awww, what a good boy. See, he's not so scary now, is he?