Prom 2011: No Muss, No Fuss DIY Hair. No Mo' Updos! Period.

As you know full well, MTV Style's 2011 Prom Coverage has been barreling full steam since Monday, to where you couldn't even believe how thoughtful and considerate we were to collect these thoughts, stories, and galleries for you. We unveiled the 12 most memorable movie prom dresses and showcased the 20 best prom dresses for under $100. We presented you with the fashion credits and crying-while-you-laugh DRAMZ of MTV's feature-length film, 'Worst. Prom. Ever.' Today, we got more GEMS in do-it-yourself hair so if you blew your whole budget on shoes, it'll still be smooooooth (or cute-wavy) sailing.

The last thing you want your prom hairdo to remind people (mostly your hot date) of is a poodle or a maid of honor at an unfortunate wedding in the 1950s or Marge Simpson (which is OK if--and only if-- you're Nicki Minaj) or some sort of curlicue breakfast danish. So, here's an idea: Skip the stuffy updos altogether--and save buckets of bucks for things like killer shoes or a strawberry-scented facial instead--with one of these super-simple DIY mane ideas. Problem solved. Plus, you won't be plucking painful pins out of your head for HOURS after the Big Night.


Audrina Patridge in West Hollywood on March 5, 2010, and Rihanna in New York City on May 2, 2011.
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If you were as obsessed with Barbies as a kid as we were, then you know how to braid. Put your skills to good use by creating a loose, side braid in your locks for prom night. Start by curling your hair (at least shoulder length) with a large barrel curling iron. Then make a deep-side part and finger-comb all of your hair to the opposite side of the part. Braid your hair over your shoulder and tie off the end with an elastic that matches your hair hue. Don't freak if pieces fall out around your hairline--it will give the style an instant dose of romance.


Camilla Belle in New York City on April 12, 2011, and a model at the Marchesa Fall 2011 presentation in New York City on Feb. 16, 2011.
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There are so many other things to worry about on prom night. Have you learned how to "Dougie" yet?!? Instead of wrestling with frizzy strands all night, make them a part of your look. Grab a jar of aloe gel (it's the most moisturizing kind) and rub a little through your palms. Then, slick strands into a smooth ponytail. But, leave the tail HUGE/PUFFY/GLORIOUSLY FRIZZY. Spray the slicked part with a little anti-humidity spray, then forget about your hair and DANCE.


Aimee Teegarden in Los Angeles on April 21, 2011, and Katerina Graham in Hollywood on April 26, 2011.
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Soooooo you spent all of your prom-planning time plotting out your dress, shoes, makeup, nails, corsage, restaurant reservations, transportation, etc.; leaving you with 1.4983 seconds to plan your hair? Instead of trying to figure out what to do with ALL of your hair, focus on your bangs only. And, believe it or not, your options are limitless... If you don't have bangs, pull out a pair of scissors or those clip-on joints. If you have long bangs that part in the middle, change it to a side part. And if you have short, brow-skimming bangs, sweep them to one side and spray them with light hold hairspray so that they stay put.


Hailee Steinfeld in West Hollywood on Feb. 27, 2011, and Emma Watson in New York City on Nov. 15, 2010.
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When you don't know what to do with your hair or what kind of jewelry to rock, meld the two together with hair accessories. Slip on a Swarovski crystal headband, a glittery brooch (which is so old/new school by the way), or a metallic ponytail holder for a bit of instant sparkle. But don't go overboard--one bauble will keep your look interesting, but not over-the-top tacky.


Nicole Richie in Los Angeles on Feb. 25, 2011, and Anne Hathaway in West Hollywood on Feb. 27, 2011.
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Tousled, beachy waves are easier than you think. Plus, there aren't 50 million fussy pins to mess with! Start by separating hair into 2-inch sections. Spray each section with a light hold hairspray, before wrapping it around a curling iron and holding it there for 10 seconds. After you've curled all of your hair, spritz your roots with a salt-water spray to create piece-y texture, fluff to style, and BE OUT.


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