Hot Dude Of The Day: We Give Pharrell His Propers For Tying His Own Bow Tie

Pharrell Williams at the DKMS' 5th Annual Gala in New York on April 28.
Photo: Getty Images

When you're named The World's Best-Dressed Man by Esquire magazine, that's, um, kind of a lot of pressure. Luckily, 38-year-old (whoa! You. Look. Marvelous) Pharrell has very much been living up to his title by taking his fashion quite seriously (while making it look effortless), and last night was no exception. At the DKMS Annual Gala in New York (you don't even want to know what DKMS stands for in German. Oh, what's that? You do? OK: Deutsche Knochenmarkspenderdatei. Yeah. It basically means German Bone Marrow Donor Center.), the N.E.R.D frontman wore a single-button tux with a white ribbed shirt and black bow tie. Pharrell is the master of making sure his clothes are tailored and fit oh so perfectly, and it's no surprise considering he designs clothes, er, puffy vests (?), himself. His eye for design makes us keep an eye on him (you see what we did there? SEE IT?), and, like, he didn't even do anything crazy here. No weirdo necklaces, giant diamond stud earrings or flashy watches. He's rolling up on the red carpet in the most amazingly fitted tux of all time, and THAT, my friends, is how it's done.

Also, notice the bow tie. It's uneven. In fact, it's totally and absolutely lopsided. But do you know what the means? He tied it himself. This ain't no pretied, clip-on bow tie. This is him, by himself, trying to figure out how to put his outfit together. And you know what? It's hard. I mean, look at how these two dapper Southern gentlemen do it. It's, like, a lot of steps, and it's confusing and OMG which loop goes where?!!! I HAVE TO LEAVE IN 5 MINUTES HOW AM I GOING TO FIGURE THIS OUT GAAAAH *sweatsweatsweat*. Yeah. So, Pharrell, dude. You're KILLING IT, per usual, and we applaud it. In our own perfectly turned out manicured nails because, well, duh.