So, This Just Happened: Katy Perry's Royal Nails

So, the Royal Wedding occurred this morning and now it is over. BUT THEN. THIS. We present: Katy Perry's Prince William nails. Total callback to the time she put her husbandmanfriend Russell Brand on her paws for the VMAs. We particularly enjoy the fashion featured here. It runs the gamut from Wills with hair (aka Young Wills), tinybaby Wills with mother Diana *sniff*, popped-collar sportif Wills in a rugby, oh-right-England's-might-used-to-lie-in-the-navy-so-your-man-is-dressed-like-an-Admiral-or-something-IDK Wills, Casual Friday Wills in a V-neck and spread collar, Harry *omnomnomnom* on the pinky + Wills, and of, course, the dutiful nails that feature Kate Middleton seeing as Katy's a classy lady and did not want to advertise that she had any untoward designs in her... designs.

Also, the one where Wills is wearing part of the Union Jack on his vest/suit/thing like so much Spice Girls DVD cover is NUTS since he really does look so so so so so so much like his mom. Man, this photo-sticky nail things are incredible. You could get ANYTHING. What would you get? I would obviously get alternating whoopie pies/breakfast foods/and herbivore dinosaurs, but then again, I am boring and wholly predictable. OH, maybe you should get smaller nails that are painted with smaller nails that are then painted with even smaller nails with ever smaller nails. That would be SUCH a waste of time.