Let's Discuss: Ke$ha's Intense Cat Eyeliner And Hard-Core Under/Side Part

Ke$ha at the 28th-annual ASCAP Pop Music Awards in Hollywood on April 28.
Photo: Getty Images

Ke$ha is frequently lambasted for her sartorial/tonsorial/makeup-ial decision-making, but mostly we appreciate the free-spiritedness in her videos/performance outfits/red carpet appearances because at least girl gives good interesting. Always. So... her hard-core cat's eye. I mean, on one hand, kudos for mastering the swoosh. While I'm not totally convinced this counts as "fine motor skills," considering it's not writing the Pledge of Allegiance in pig Latin on a single grain of rice (it's WAY longer in pig Latin; and of course we're talking Carolina rice since it was BORN here [we're not infidels]) to be strung on a necklace and sold on eBay for the reasonable "Buy It Now" price of nothing because it's a piece of gimmicky garbage but liquid liner is tough. That it extends beyond where her eyebrow ends is the real nut, though. I believe since the human head is undulating terrain and features are rarely symmetrical, going past the brow is where you run into a lot of trouble and I personally, from this vantage point, think she looks ever so slightly walleyed, but, again, that's me.

What I also think is kinda awesome and notable and worthy of discussion is that girl takes the flip and starts it on the Australian portion of her dome. Like, it's not a side part as much as it's an under part. Kinda G, as far as where to go in on a hairdo. That bit, I really enjoy. It's sorta surfer chic in this gloriously meta way. You know, because, as dictated by common knowledge, people surf when they're not eating marsupials and bashing each other with didgeridoos in Australia. But what do y'all think? Are you feeling the WINEHOU$E eyes? What about the comb-over from Down Under? DEEEESCUSSSSS.

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