Top Style Blogger Looks Of The Week: Chambray Shirts

Ehmonie Hainey, Laura Wainman, and Kirsten Stoddard.
Photo: Courtesy of the bloggers What's Haute, A La Mode Et Plus!, and Triple Max Tons.

When we first heard that denim tops were a thing again, we thought, SERIOUSLY? The same shirts made popular in the early '90s, teamed with black 501s, lace camisoles and Doc Martens? Really? We thought we'd pass. But then we started seeing all of these celebs looking supercute in the chambray button-up. And THEN, we started peeping all of these style bloggers wearing 'em in hyper-unique, modern ways. Yeeeeaaah, we're kinda sold now.

Ehmonie Hainey of What's Haute

Blog: Twitter: @WhatsHaute.

When blogger Ehmonie first pulled out this drawstring Prototype top, she'd planned to pair it with jeans (i.e. to take advantage of the denim-on-denim trend). But in a game point decision she complemented it with an $11 Gap skirt, a lightning print Risto scarf, turquoise jewelry and a blue Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Bag. Well played.

Laura Wainman of A La Mode Et Plus!

Blog: Twitter: @laurachanning.

Style blogger Laura dreams of living in Paris with a wonderful man, writing for glossies, and owning a closet full of Louboutins and Chanel purses. TAKE US WITH YOU! In the meantime, she throws together ensembles that are just as comfy as they are cute. She wore her Madewell shirt over an Urban Outfitters maxi dress, and admitted that she felt like she was wearing PJs.

Kirsten Stoddard of Triple Max Tons

Blog: Twitter: @TripleMaxTons.

This is one of Boston-based blogger Kirsten's favorite outfits of all time. We can totally see why--it's so freakin' cute! Annnnd, minus the boots, it cost less than $30! She partnered a Gap button-up with Martin + Osa white jeans, J.Crew riding boots, an Urban Outfitters vintage-style scarf, and our personal fave--MAC Lipstick in Russian Red.


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