Hot Dude Of The Day: Joe Jonas Wears Jean Jacket Under Shiny Suit, Blows Our Mind

Joe Jonas at the 'Us Weekly' Hot Hollywood Party in Hollywood on April 26.
Photo: Getty Images

Uh, how has no one thought of this before? A jean jacket under a suit. Holy cow. This not only makes our head explode because of the sheer genius of this fascinating layering technique, but also because superhot band-singer dude Joe Jonas is wearing it. You guys realize that he's currently sporting two jackets but still looks svelte and so incredibly fresh it hurts, right? Most people can't make one jacket look decent, but Joe rolls up on the red carpet looking all gorge and effortless. Kinda impressive since in doing so he is MOCKING every single other ill-fitting jacket out there. Also note that a white tee and a slick navy suit can end up looking like a hella cheeseball, hair-gelled dude from A Night At The Roxbury who relentlessly tries to buy you a drink at a club your friends dragged you to and you CANNOT GET HIM AWAY all night and his breath kind of reeks of sofa cushions and root beer, but Mr. Jonas bridged the barftastic gap with a little flash of denim and by pulling up the sleeves. You know what else Joe knows how to do really, ABSURDLY well besides layering? Accessorizing. He NAILED it with a little pop of color in his pocket square and a flash of hardware with his necklaces and bracelets. Not to mention his cute facial scruff is basically PERFECT (and, behold! It's NOT a soul patch!) and we sort of always have a crush on him. Basically, we already knew that Joe Jonas is a great dresser, but this ensemble proves that he's clever too. Om. Nom.