We Want: Willow Smith's Panther Door Knocker Necklace

Willow Smith at the 2011 White House Easter Egg Roll in Washington, D.C., on April 25.
Photo: Getty Images/Courtesy of Anita Ko

Our memories of Easter egg hunts involve poufy dresses, boiled eggs that were deemed inedible after sitting outside too long in the afternoon sun, and three 3-11 brawls over the Reese’s chocolate bunnies that were hidden under bushes. Judging by the festivities from the White House on Monday (attendees rubbed Easter baskets with Colbie Caillat, Greyson Chance, and Willow Smith) for the Annual White House Easter Egg Roll, kids nowadays have much fonder memories of the age-old spring tradition. Unless they're dispirited and broken and bored from being invited to the White House year after year despite them totally resenting their well-heeled parents and their own perfect diction and just not wanting to spend time with ANYONE EVER.

Willow Smith is good-natured and lovely, however, and during her performance of "Rock Star," "21st Century Girl," and "Whip My Hair" (that had the first lady groovin'), Willow grabbed our attention in a plaid blazer with matching high-waisted shorts, green high-tops with yellow laces, a sparkly purple manicure, two wrists full of bright bangles, a sky-high mohawk hairdo, and—our personal fave—a $3,800 Anita Ko 18k gold pave diamond "Panther Door Knocker" necklace. It's so fiercely different from the bunny, carrot, ballet slipper and jelly bean charms that we used to wear during Easter egg hunts. AND, it's versatile. If it was a bunny, it might be weird to wear it on, say, Valentine's Day or St. Patrick's Day. Like, the 10-year-old pop star can wear this chain on ANY holiday...or on the weekend...or while performing on a world tour in Australia...or 20 years from now on her wedding day. That's some smart shopping right there. P.S., Dig the door knocker feline look, but can't afford this one? We found this Miss Selfridge lion door knocker necklace on the cheap-chic, too. High/low, we got you covered.