Get The Look: Kat Graham's $60 Cutout Shoulder Dimepiece Dress!

Kat Graham at the 'Us Weekly' Hot Hollywood Party in Hollywood on April 26.
Photo: Getty Images/Courtesy of DimePiece

There were a LOT of stunners on the red carpet (or white carpet? Who's counting?) of Us Weekly's Hot Hollywood Party last night (I mean, hullooo, it's Hollywood's hottest after all), but we found the ever-fierce Kat Graham to be ESPECIALLY fetching. Bewitching, if you'd rather (ha). It looks like the Vampire Diaries star could be practicing some method acting lately, warding off bad bloodsuckers with the giant cross applique on her dress. Curve-hugging cross dress > garlic breath. ALWAYS. EVERY. DAY (well, unless some truly delicious food is involved and everyone at the table is partaking). And Kat is definitely killing more than just vampires in this little number.

The other (more likely) hypothesis is that Kat may just be feeling the conflagration of crosses as a symbolic trend (also seen on one of Lady Gaga's latest manicures) in a BIG way.

Anyway, after so much sinful coveting of this figure-flattering body-con, to have a price tag descend upon us like a beacon backed by choirs of angels (thousands of them!) singing the digits in a harmony so perfect our feeble human minds (and equally feeble bank account balances) could barely comprehend it. To our surprise and elation and ecstasy and ajfkasdjkfjlskdfkjldkjfklsdlghdk, Kat Graham's HOT dress is WELL UNDER $100 and available for purchase online. It's a fashion miracle. One for which we are MAD grateful.