Hot Dude Of The Day: Jared Leto Goes Cutoff Crazy, And We Like It

Jared Leto performs in Boca Raton, Florida, on April 24.
Photo: PictureGroup

30 Second To Mars frontman Jared Leto has gone scissor happy and we KIIIINNDDD of love it. Who needs sleeves on a jean jacket anyways? HE SURE DOESN'T. Who needs red leather gloves with fingers? NOT HIM, THAT'S FOR SURE. I mean, we get it. He likes gloves, but all that coverage "gets in the way" and he can't "play guitar in them" and he just wanted a little "pop of color" that's NOT coming from his hair. And sleeves are just TOO CONSTRICTING, you know? The only true way to be free is by cutting off the sleeves of ALL your shirts. Jared does it. So can you. (P.S.- Jared's not the FIRST one to rock this rural-chic look. K CAV DID IT! WE'RE NOT LYING! P.P.S.- We're kind of jealous. Only in our dreams does a boxy jean vest look amazing and effortless and even a little bit flattering. SIIGGHHH.) Also, is he wearing denim on denim? BALLSY! We loveee that. Of course we're obsessed with his signature aviators and punk-rock style, but only Jared can double MULTIPLE guitars as accessories. But you know what? Who cares that he got a little cutoff crazy? Who cares that denim-on-denim might be considered a fashion faux pas? He's FULLY ESTABLISHED the fact that he can do whatever he wants and look good while doing it. He's worn insane fringe jackets, Snuggie coats, and hand muff trenches, and um, HELLO, Jared's been named the new face for Hugo Boss' men's fragrance. *applause* Jared is obviously doing everything right in the fashion world, and no one is going to stop him. (Especially not us.) Here's to you, Mr. Leto!