Get The Look: Ashley Tisdale's Sweet Vanilla Party Dress For Under $100!

Ashley Tisdale at the 'Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure!' DVD signing in L.A. on April 19.
Photo: Getty Images/Courtesy of Singer22

Whoa. So much actually going on in this photo. First we were all, Yeah, AshTiz looks great. Oh, she appears to be in front of a shelf in a bookstore, and we love bookstores and the way they mostly have agreeable lighting. Some of them even have a Starbucks where we can caffeinate our faces off and ooooh what do we have here? A supercute cinched-waist dress with kicky little gathers and... WAIT, OH SNAP. This "sweet" dress is actually stealth sexy: On a cursory glance it looks demure and angelic with its modest neckline and short but not too-short hem.

Check it out—not only does the gauzy cutout plunge down to the waist, but it's actually similarly sheer in the back as well, save a thick band of opaque fabric where the zipper is (it's stylized so it's way cute and not obtrusive). And at no point does anything devolve into unsavory territory because the creamy color keeps everything above board and wholesome for a daytime or well-lit indoor event. The dress does come in black too, which is fascinating because it's not that the color switch renders it skanky or anything (NOT AT ALL) but it looks like a totally different dress and would look stellar out on the town. In fact, when you look at both, there's something distinctly ballet-ish about the delivery, which always tends to be elegant (when they're not hallucinating and stabbing evil doppelgängers with shards of glass to stake their claim as PRIMA BALLERINAAAAAAA [because they are soooo hungry and tired]). Plus, our favorite part? Is that the dress, called the "Lulu" from Love & Lemons is only $88 clams! Righteous. Check out all the views and linkage here.

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