Hot Dudes Of The Day: The Boy Puppies From The Shiba Inu Livestream, Obvi

Photo: Courtesy of the Shiba Inu Puppy Cam

OK, so you know how there are those websites that glorify SUPERCUTE dudes with SUPERCUTE animals (I'm looking at you, Cute Boys With Cats)? Well, sometimes when I'm mindlessly scrolling through these Tumblrs, I keep thinking, "Get this MAN BEAST out of my way and let me see the itsy-bitsy baby kiiiitttyyy behind him!!" Like, in most cases, the animals are CUTER than the dudes, but the dudes are all photo-hoggy and try to steal the shine. So then I'm all, "Why am I just not on a Cute Cats blog instead of Cute Boys WITH Cats blog?" So here at MTV Style, we've decided to cut through all that GARBAGE out there (aka humans) and get right to the point: cute freaking animals.

So, where else would we turn for the ultimate A-list, most-talked-about, cutest animals of all time? THE PUPPY CAMMMMMM, OBVI. These adorbs Shiba Inu babies were born on April 14 (awwww, only last Thursday!!), and three of the six pups were boys! Let me introduce to you the three gentlemen (all of their names start with "C" since they are the "C-Team." The first and second litters being the "A-Team" and the "B-Team," respectively): Chozen is the oldest, Chames, the second oldest, and the youngest is Chikara! Chikara is the BIGGEST BABY YET weighing in at 11 ounces. WHEWWW BOY. We like our dudes with a little extra SOMETHIN' SOMETHIN' around the waist, plus, the NY Times said it was "hip" to have a potbelly so it MUST BE. Way to be the coolest trendsetter ever, Chikara. We are ALL OVER THAT. We really dig the vibes of these doggy dudes because they can basically make ANYTHING look stylish and cool. Normal dogs sleeping? BORRINGGG. Chozen, Chames and Chikara do a GIANT dogpile on each other and do a total snugglefest before falling asleep. Talk about amazing. But ladies, beware, this is the third and FINAL litter from their mom (Hayyyy, Kika! Gurl, you are doing GREAT.) so bask in their ultimate cuteness while you still can! Disclaimer: We can't be responsible for your inconsolable sobbing once the puppy cam is turned to black FOR. EV. ER. so watch it nowwww!