Prom 2011: Debby Ryan, Kendall and Kylie Jenner, And Aimee Teegarden's Stealworthy 'Prom' Style

ZOMG you guys, it's prom season and while MTV Style's coverage will be going FULL TILT starting May 2 (mark your calendars), last night marked the world premiere of Disney's prom movie entitled, Prom (well, right), which will see nationwide release next weekend (May 29, to be exact). Squeeeeeee. And while there's a lot to be gleaned from the trailer which you can see here, the basic premise is that Aimee Teegarden's character, Nova Prescott (good bougie name!), wants to have The Perfect Prom (*lightning crash*) along with a buncha other couples who also want everything to be "just right." And then there's this "bad" boy, Thomas McDonell, who looks like if Keanu Reeve's genes and Johnny Depp's genes made a beautiful baby son (read: RIDIC HOT) whose "punishment" is that he not only HAS TO go to prom but he has to work on the prom committee with the gorgeous Ms. Teegarden who is seriously as cute as a button. Like, maybe even a little bit cuter than when she's on the greatest television show about sports and the only one I've successfully ever watched about football—Friday Night Lights. But prom is all about DRESSES so let's pluck some ideas out from the red carpet style of Debby Ryan, Kendall and Kylie Jenner, Aimee, Tara Lipinski (random!), Amber Lancaster and Rebecca Black.

Debby Ryan, Kendall and Kylie Jenner, and Aimee Teegarden at the 'Prom' premiere in Hollywood on April 21.
Photo: Getty Images

Disney's Debby Ryan wears a floral printed, light pink, lavender, and gray column dress with a splendidly fitted bodice and tight horizontal gathers aplenty. In our extensive prom research (aka diligent rifling through of magazines), we discovered that tons of fash-obsessed teens are interpreting current spring/summer 2011 fashion trends into their dresses and this floral, no-SOOOOO-evening-wear-ish maxi option is an awesome one.

Kendall and Kylie Jenner went for twinsies appeal in matching royal blue dresses of exactly the same length, and while it may look a little spooky, the color itself is a definite win. Look it, if you and your hard-core bestie are DROP-DEAD SURE you want to wear the same color, just do it. We'd suggest a little more variation in the silhouette and differing hair/makeup/accessories (these ladies' shoes are deliriously cute) but otherwise, pshaaaaw, it's prom, do what you want.

Our star, Aimee, went for classic glam but did it in a totally age-appropriate way and rocked a stunning slight-sweetheart beaded dress in an elegant silver and clutch. The somewhat muted sheen makes the look totally modern and refined while the loose hair keeps the aesthetic young and carefree.

Tara Lipinski, Amber Lancaster, and Rebecca Black at the 'Prom' premiere in Hollywood on April 21.
Photo: Getty Images

Cocktail lengths were big last night, and Olympic figure skater Tara Lipinski wore a white and black dress with a white overlay. The bold, contouring stripes not only flaunt her already small waist but also accentuate her curves, which is critical for those petite gals among us. Plus, it gives the dress a harder edge, which with all that white and mesh could've skewed too girly.

Amber Lancaster from The Hard Times of R.J. Berger, rocks a gathered turquoise, coral, brown and yellow number that's asymmetrical AND tie-dyed, two hot trends for the season. We love that she opted to go stark white with the shoe so as not to compete with the palette of the dress.

Rebecca Black from the internet and morning shows and recipient of a ton of unwarranted hateration chose to go all-white with a fitted bodice and balloon skirt. A breezy version of something that could've turned into a wedding gown nightmare were it too voluminous. The way she has it here is just right. White, whoda thunk it for a prom theme? But it works.