Let's Discuss: Vanessa Hudgens And Nicole Richie's 'Head Thongs'

Vanessa Hudgens at the 'Sucker Punch' release event in Las Vegas on March 26, and Nicole Richie at the Baby2Baby event in West Hollywood on April 20.
Photo: Getty Images

You know what I love? I love experimentation. And fearlessness. And a cavalier attitude toward something as ephemeral and subjective as fashion. Personal style? Amazing. Accessories? *slow clap that builds to a frenzy that makes your eyes water as if Pavlovian conditioned to respond to such an outpouring of genuine emotion* BUT whaahaahappa here?

Exhibit A) Vanessa Hudgens looking beautiful as always with gorgeously formed arches on her brows, genuine mirth in her perfectly made up eyes, a smile that does not quit and a python printed something or other and this tweed nubbly other thing and necklaces galore and a hair adornment that could only be accurately described as a HEAD THONG. Cool? I mean, it matches the beading of her other jewelry so that makes sense, right?

Exhibit B) HOLD THE FUGGIN' PHONE. Now, here we have Nicole Richie flaunting the same "flossing" in the form of a tighter, more skully-ish, beaded head thong. It looks much like the Mischa Barton-ish hippie-meets-native-American suede headband that hipsters were obsessed with years ago, except hers adorns the crown of decidedly Grecian finger waves that, no doubt, look beautiful. She pairs all that golden goodness with velvet, and the whole thing boasts mad richesse but um... is this going to be a trend now? Are all headbands going to feature an anchoring strand that bisects the dome like so much... posterior? We're not saying it's a bad thing. AT ALL. It's fascinating more than anything else... Would you call this a "head thong"? What would you call it? And, more important, do you like it?