Nicely Done: Jennifer Lopez Bares Midriff In An Expensive Way

Jennifer Lopez at Best Buy in L.A. on April 19.
Photo: WENN

Oh man, you know what I love about Jennifer Lopez? It has nothing to do with the fact that she was named People's Most Beautiful Woman, or whatever, because SURE. It also has nothing to do with the fact that she is a judge on "American Idol" even if I love this guy's coverage of it SO MUCH. It's the fact that here she is, lamping at a Best Buy, promoting her album wearing a Christian Cota BANDEAU, black Tibi pants and a gray TopShop slouchy blazery cardigan thing. Now, despite it not being our strong suit, let's go ahead and do some math. This woman is 41 years old. She had TWINS. That is TWO babies. TWO. Relatively simultaneously. She housed human sentience IN STEREO. And yet, her 100 percent empirically incredible genes and countless crunches means that she can look like this.

Bonus? The fact that this chick, again, because she's Jennifer Lopez, looks totally DIGNIFIED in a tummy top because her cropped, pleated trousers are tailored to fit her beautifully while showing the slight sheen of truly marvelous suiting fabric. And her asymmetrical jacket looks gloriously deconstructed in a way that whispers to either Japanese or Belgian origins. BUT that's not even true since her gray thingie is high street and just looks designer. I guess that's what it's like to be Jennifer Lopez these days. You can work a three-fer pack of nothing cotton tees like it's Jil Sander by virtue of oozing regal-assness like it's no big deal. It's like rubbing a dollar bill on her will turn it into a fiver. Magic. If she ever figures out how to bottle the secret, I'd buy it. Unless, it's like a million dollars and only for millionairesses. Or if the accompanying infomercial isn't up to the caliber of incredibleness that I know in my heart she is capable of. <3 You JENNAY. Nicely done.