Hot Dude Of The Day: Mark Ronson Wears Harem TUXEDO Pants, Continues To Look Hot

Mark Ronson at the 'Arthur' premiere in London on April 19.
Photo: Getty Images

Sometimes I'm glad I'm not a dude because you'd be dealing with the knowledge that there was this other dude who wasn't you that gets to be Mark Ronson. His awesome DJ/producer rep already raises him to a way-too-cool-for-school status. But then he does coconuts things like bleach his hair blonde and wear white sneakers with a dark gray suit, and despite those shocking fashion anomalies SOMEHOW STILL manages to look so '80s and new wave and cool that we're like, "DANG! This guy NEVER actually looks bad. In fact, holy hell, maybe everyone else is doing it wrong." Observe: Mr. Ronson last night at the Arthur premiere in London. BOOM! HAREM PANTS. Most girls (the decidedly more fashionably adventurous gender) won't (can't) pull off this baggy/waaaaay-dropped-crotch trouser style (there are ways you can), and he rocks it so beyond hard with a single-button, classic satin lapel, shawl collar tuxedo jacket and a beige shirt with the teeniest collar we have ever seen. (Ed note: OH SNAP. ACTUALLY. Wait, everyone take a minute to look at the collar of the shirt. There are darts on them (peep the little horizontal seam that makes the curvature around his neck that much slicker).

Also, THE POINTY PART OF THE COLLAR IS NOTCHED like it's been snipped off with scissors. *FAINTS DEAD AT THE BEYOND PROFESSIONAL STATUS OF THIS OUTFIT* Also, note his pant leg. Yeah, it's hiked up (or ZOMG DOES HIS PANT HAVE A CUFF???). Note his shoelace. Yeah, it's untied. Does he know? Probably. Does he care? NOOOOPE. He's that chill. Hands in pockets. He's not here to impress anyone, BUT HE IS. I mean, look at his hair. Is it just me or is he TOTES giving off Robert Matthew Van Winkle hair vibes? I don't know how he does it, but color me impressed. *golf clap*