The Best Of 'My Boyfriend Does My Makeup' On The Internet

After seeing Dezirae let her boyfriend Omar do her makeup, we realized this is totally a THING on YouTube. Turns out, there are a TON of girls who are willing to give their dudes free reign over their kits and faces. Our favorites below feature boyfriends/husbands who straight-up SPEW makeup pearls of wisdom. Check them out and pick up a few new application techniques of your own. Or don't.


The confidence that Omar possesses in regards to his makeup prowess made us wonder if this whole do-your-girlfriends-makeup-on-YouTube idea was his idea. His take: "I watch her when she's in the mirror doing her thing. All I have to do is just copy. How hard can that be. Right?" That's right, Omar.

Top Techniques:

• Make sure you "wipe" or rub products in with "the tips...the finger tips." In other words, blend well.

• Keep a stash of baby wipes around for mistakes

• Use blush as eyeshadow and apply it with an angled brush.

Makeup Words of Wisdom:

• "Im not big on technicalities, but it's called a thing...a MAC thing." — Omar, in reference to an eye pencil

• "We all make mistakes." — Omar

• "Bllllullllullll," — Omar's way of adding soundtrack as he shows the different brushes to the camera


WE have to give it to him, Tyler can pick out products like a pro. But, apply them? Ummm…NO!

Top Techniques:

• Forego the pat and blend method. Instead rub makeup in like lotion.

• Apply bronzer on “the spots where the sun would normally hit.”

• Blush and highlighter should go on the jawline. Why not?!

• Eyeliner should be applied a half-inch away from the lash line.

Makeup Words of Wisdom:

“I basically just draw circles around [the] eyes.” — Tyler


There’s lots of laughing in this boyfriend/girlfriend video, because, well, it’s hilarious.

Top Techniques:

• Apply blush under the cheek and always apply a little extra "for good luck."

Makeup Words of Wisdom:

• She, in response to him coming at her with an eye pencil: "Are you doing it on the top or bottom?"

• "I dunno, which one is first?"

• She: "Do it on the top," as she cringes in fear for her eyeballs.

• "I'm doing this on purpose. I know what im doing, I'm a professional." — Shawn


Sebastian is apparently taking his girl out on a date after he does her makeup. When Cocobelle asked him where they’re going he said "to the circus." Hahahaaaaaaaa. So, you know where this makeup look is headed.

Top Techniques:

• Blow (spit?) on brushes before dipping them into powder.

• Stick one finger into your mouth and pull out to get rid of any excess lip gloss.

Makeup Words of Wisdom

• He: "I forgot the wet stuff."

• She: "The wet stuff? ...The base?"

• He: “Yeah"


Benji attempts a natural/nude/dark bridal look, which includes faux lashes, "a red thing," and "Infallable by L'Oreal Beyonce." (What?!)

Top Techniques:

• Start off with moisturizer.

• If a product says it stays on all day (like the Infallable) put it on first.

• Reverse your faux lashes — glue the wide end on the inner corner of your eyes.

Makeup Words of Wisdom:

• "It's like a salt and pepper shaker." — Benji, in reference to the packaging of the mineral powder.

• "Close your nostrils." — Benji

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