Hot Dude Of The Day: James Franco Is 33 Years Young And Delightful In The Face

James Franco at the 'Your Highness' premiere om Santa Barbara, California, on April 1.
Photo: Getty Images

Oh my gahhhh, you guys. Guess what? It's James Franco's birthday. Weeee! The actor/student/filmmaker/Twitter quitter (sadface) turns 33 years old today. To celebrate this ever-joyous occasion, we give you the best present of all: TWO PHOTOS of James Franco! (*piñata explodes with glittery hats and tetra packs of champagne!*) Let's stare at it. Mmmm. Excellently-fitted navy suit. Crisp white shirt. Skinny burgundy tie. Retro-chic Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses that look like Ray-Ban Clubmasters but ain't. Effortlessly swooshed-back hair. Yep. Just as we thought. He's perfect. Like, he's SO perfect that you can't ACTUALLY date him. He's more like an idea. Like, love. Or poetry. Or quiche. James Franco is too busy being a muse and being inspired for dating. He's off starting a college class about himself or working on (gasp!) SIX upcoming films at once or making super huge statements like "social media is over." And you know what stinks? We REALLY miss the social media James. We miss his mundane oversharing, his Microsoft Paint mockeries of celebs, and him singing Cher. Honestly, in the dark corners of our cubicles, sometimes the only beacon of light was stumbling upon a photo of James sleeping on the couch with cats or reading his slightly-disturbing handwritten comics. Yeah, so we MIGHT be self-admitted Francophiles (persons obsessed with James Franco, obvi), so James, babe, maybe on this special day, you could give a little gift back to us? Like, just a tweet. Just let us know you're alive and well and dark and kooky and still doing weird stuff in your free time. And giggling. We know you do lots of giggling. What do you think, gorgeous, gorgeous birthday boy? Give us a little love back? We heart you. MOAR OUTFIT TWITPICS PLEASE.