Let's Go Blouse Shopping For Kanye West!

Kanye West performing at the Coachella festival in Indio, California, on April 17, and a look from Céline's spring 2011 runway.
Photo: Getty Images

It's sorta weird that everyone's freaking out about Kanye West wearing a Celine blouse from Spring/Summer 2011 when he's been wearing hyper-low-cut-fairly-androgynous diaphanous shirts since like VMA time last year. In fact, Kanye has never at any point been a one to be sartorially run-of-the-mill and we here at MTV Style are TWO-THUMBS-UP-ON-BOARD with men wearing women's shirts. See, the thing is, while menswear blogs may tout the arrival of the (*gasp*) spread collar and vaunt the resurgence of the ("zut alors!") club collar or wax euphoric on how certain shirts boast a slimmer cut or feature washed out floral prints or have looooooooong pockets that merit its $700 pricetag, the silhouette overall remains faithfully orthodox. The sleeves start right at their shoulders. The collar is exactly where you'd expect and the hem is such that it can look cute and outdoorsy untucked or dashing tucked. The end. While the Belgians have long created uniquely complicated and beautiful shirts that are his and hers (Ann Demeulemeester, we will love you forever), womenswear ready-to-wear shirts will reliably go to town on insane prints, asymmetrical hems, crazy-long-plackets, gathered sleeves, leg-o-mutton sleeves, dropped arm's eyes and looooooooooong gauntlet cuffs with a bajillion buttons and it just doesn't seem fair that we're the only ones who get to have fun. So, in the spirit of sharing. We go blouse shopping for Kanye!

Spring 2011 looks from Balenciaga, Marni, and Yves Saint Laurent.
Photos: Imaxtree

Balenciaga is an obvious choice for Kanye especially circa Nicolas Ghesquière where there's a great deal of textural interplay. Kanye often wears leather or majillion-dollar denim jackets so a gauzy shirt would be a tremendous addition to his ladyshirt repertoire.

Okay, we know this Marni thing is a tunic. We also recognize that it has sequins and while we understand that there are barriers to entry for both we also KNOW that if anyone can do it, it's Kanye. Hear us out. This, front-tucked (only, no back tuck) into jeans like it's no big deal with Air Yeezy 2s? Fire.

The YSL is a no brainer. Unbuttoned all the way down. Untucked. Shrugs. Everybody loses their minds over the awesomenitude.

Spring 2011 looks from Cacharel and Hussein Chalayan.
Photos: FirstView

This Cacharel is just obviously so sick it's insane. I want it. Kanye should want it. And hell, we could both wear it exactly this way. As a matter of fact, pop a top button and Tyler the Creator couldshould want this too.

A Hussein Chalayan is just a good investment. Worn in any number of ways, this shirt is versatile, memorable and could close out any show or performance with a drama-sleeved bang. Plus, I want to hear to hear the polysyllabic interplay of "Hussein Chalayan" being name-dropped in a sixteen. Fashion <3 Rap = 4 EVA.