Lauren Conrad Launches How-To Beauty Website, Hints At Starting Own Beauty Line

Lauren Conrad launched a beauty site!
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With her always expertly applied cateye, perfect crimson pout, and smooth vintage-y waves, we never doubted that Lauren Conrad had at least a teensy bit of beauty girl floating around inside of that fashion plate of a body. Who are we kidding? L.C. probably lives and breathes liquid liner and big barrel curling irons. And, now there's proof. Along with her makeup artist Amy Nadine and her hairstylist Kristen Ess, The Hills-alum just launched an online hair and makeup website called The Beauty Department. The site will brim with beauty advice straight from the mouth of babes (Conrad, Nadine, and Ess), video tutorials, and printable photo step-by-step how-tos (like the one shown above). We know what you're wondering--there's already a million bajillion beauty websites in cyberspace...what is Lauren thinking to add another, which may or may not get buried in the middle of the pile? Of COURSE, the biz-savy celeb has a master plan, guyyyyyysss. As reported over at InStyle, on top of her myriad of fashion designing duties L.C. says that she'd ultimately like to launch her own line of cosmetics and hair products. We're envisioning all of these floral embossed pressed eyeshadows. Lots of pink in the form of blush, curling irons, nail polish, blow dryers, round brushes, and ponytail holders. Shampoo and conditioner specifically formulated for highlighted hair. A battery powered, vibrating liquid liner that forces the user to keep her hand steady while trying to make a straight line with permanent ink. And a collection of red lipsticks for everyday of the year. But, you can't just wake up one day and say, "I'm going to start a line of beauty products." Well, you can, but it probably won't be very lucrative. It sounds like Ms. Lauren is using The Beauty Department as an apprenticeship, per se, for total world beauty domination. Elizabeth Arden, who?