Hot Dude Of The Day: Prince Harry Is A Smokin' Hot Ginge In Uniform

Prince Harry and his dad Prince Charles in Middle Wallop, England on March 21.
Photo: Getty Images

While Prince William is probably discussing manly things like stemware and fine China patterns for his little fancy-pants royal wedding next week, his broseph Prince Harry is busy flying planes BECOMING A CAPTAIN OF THE BRITISH ARMY. Not to mention that a week ago he was STUCK IN THE NORTH POLE. Yeah, if we were stuck in the North Pole 1.) We'd die. 2.) If we somehow DIDN'T die, our skin would not look this good upon arrival. (Um, haiii Harry, what face cream are you using? Thanks!). I mean, we're not usually into the "military types," but we cannot get past this super toughguy army-green jumpsuit (Psssssst! Army green is so hot right now) with all his honorary medals brightly displayed on his chest. Can we also point out that if he just took off that helmet he's holding, he is showing absolutely NO signs of hat hair. Triple props. Also, you guys, he's gettin' all chummy with his dad and that's always great and cute. So sorry Prince William, but I know this is YOUR time and YOUR wedding and stuff, but YOUR best man is totes KILLIN' it right now. Screw, the heir, we're allover the spare.