Breaking News: Rihanna Had Mad Cute Style Even Before She Was Rich And Famous

Rihanna as a teen, and Rihanna at her Reb'l Fleur launch in Lakewood, California on Feb. 18.
Photo: Splash News/Getty Images

So the Internet's eyes are spinning like Catherine Wheels and smoke is coming out of its ears and its hair has frizzed like it spent 20 minutes hugging a large-scale static electricity orb over the news that Rihanna has this entire secret family from her suboptimal father's unsavory, dalliance-filled past. Well, sure. I mean, we all know how babies are made. We've all known that RiRi has two younger brothers but apparently she has THREE OLDER SIBLINGS and this is melting the faces of all surfers of the world wide web. We here at MTV Style soooooorta think the entire world is missing the point. Uuuuuuuum. May we suggest you outright ignore all the gossip because headlines like, "Yes She Clan: Rihanna's Secret Carib Sibs" are just gross and weirdly racist-feeling and because let's face it, the real story here is that Rihanna has ALWAYS had the BEST skin and artfully arched natural eyebrows. AMIRITE? Who cares about the rest of it when the main story should be that Rihanna used to have braids down to her butt. Now, THAT'S MAJOR. Plus, you can tell that the Barbados beauty was incredibly mindful and diligent about keeping her coif chic at all times even then. And while we can never know too much about the entire narrative or world behind this one individual snapshot, we know that the odds were in our favor that Rihanna would be holding a comb, toting a hair tie (sure, it was a scrunchie but this was a LONG time ago, people) with a bared midriff that would remain maddeningly taut in the latter years of her life.