Lady Gaga 'Born This Way' Cover Art Revealed. Plus, The Special Edition Shows Hair & Makeup Close-ups

Lady Gaga certainly knows how to mix it up with the fans. First she had the Twitterazzi FUH-REAKING out by leaking the first ever sneak peek at the cover art for her new album, Born This Way. Gagaloo is shown as a sexy motorcycle borg hybrid and given the gleaming, contorted metal body parts, her facial prosthetics seemed comparatively discreet. Gaga then quietly sat back and let message boards and Stan sites argue that her Twitpic had been a decoy and just as everyone was worked up into a lather, she released a shot of her HOLDING the physical artwork with her boot in the background. Today, she revealed, again via Twitter, that it WAS IN FACT the final artwork and that a special edition album would show a close-up of the mussed blond 'do and hyper stylized feline makeup. Rawr.

Lady Gaga's Special Edition 'Born This Way' album cover art.
Photo: Courtesy of Lady Gaga's Twitter