(Ruined) Hot Dude Of The Day: Cam Gigandet REALLY REALLY Bleached His Hair

Cam Gigandet at Wondercon in San Francisco on April 2, and at Young Hollywood Studio in L.A. on Jan. 29.
Photo: Getty Images

Cam. Dude. What's happening, man? You got all hot and shirtless in the May 2011 issue of GQ (WHOAA BICEP MUSCLES + MAN CLEAVAGE = GULP.), but then we see you at Wondercon and you have BRIGHT BLONDE BLEACHED HAIR?! We are sooo confused, dude. It's not even like an ashy white version of blonde, it's like that boxed bleach yellow-y blonde. Siiiiiiiiiigh. Remember the good ol' days when your eyebrows used to match your hair? And when your cute little scruffy man beard ALSO matched your hair? Remember when you hair DIDN'T distract us from your gorge baby blue eyes and super bulgy and veiny forearms? Remember life before things clashed with your hair color and you didn't have to force yourself to be tan all the time because otherwise you'd look washed out? I mean, I GUESS we'll stop rambling on about how cute you used to be, and just learn to DEAL or whatevs, but seriously, Cam, you need to go back. YOU NEED TO. We miss your au naturel self SO HARD. We'll just pray every night that this is for a role since you're coming out with, like, A BILLION movies this year (OK, four), and be HAPPY you were born with beautifully pigmented hair. In the meanwhile, we'll just keep looking at old pictures of you. Come back to us, Cam. Come back.