Emma Watson Turns 21, John Galliano Officially Fired From John Galliano, And More Fashion News

Emma Watson at the 'Elle' Style Awards on Feb. 14.
Photo: Getty Images

• Happy 21st Birthday, Emma Watson! The legal age (at least in the U.S.) looks good on "Hermione" (sorry Em, you'll always be Hermione in our eyes), doesn't it? To celebrate, check out 21 of the actress/hot girl's awesome editorials. {Fab Sugar}

• Whooooaaaa. John Galliano was reportedly fired from his own namesake fashion label, 91 percent of which is owned by Dior. {Huffington Post}

• It may NOT be such a bad idea to invite mom to the mall with you. New research suggests that people who bring good old mom shopping get brutally honest opinions. "Yes dear, yes, mustard yellow does make you look like you're on your deathbed." {Glamour}

Drew Barrymore stepped out on Wednesday night with a new hair hue—from brown-to-blonde ombre to a fiery red shade. Her colorist, Tracey Cunningham, says the actress "just felt like trying out red." {Us}

H&M's website recently got a glossy new face-lift (easier navigation, blog, and slideshow inspiration). The only thing missing now is e-commerce capabilities. We're waiting... patiently. {Refinery 29}

Jennifer Lopez recently revealed in a radio interview that her hair started to go gray at 23. But, who cares! She still got voted as People magazine's "Most Beautiful Woman in the World." {Oh No They Didn't}

• Remember back in 2009 when Kate Moss was accused of promoting anorexia by saying, "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels"? Welllllllll, U.S.-based firm Teen Modelling is now hawking kiddie T-shirts with the quote emblazoned on it, plus they're selling baby onesies with the phrase "Please don't feed the model" on them. One word—GROSS. OK, two more words—DON'T BUY. {Daily Mail}

• The director of the film adaptation of The Hunger Games trilogy assured fangirls (who were in an uproar) that the actress cast to play Katniss Everdeen, Jennifer Lawrence, would indeed have her blonde hair dyed black to match the heroine's most notable feature. {Allure}