Whitney Port's Coachella Style Survival Guide

Whitney Port at the 2010 Coachella Festival in Indio, California.
Photo: Courtesy of Whitney Port's website/Photo Agency

OMG you guys. Coachella is TOMORROW, and if you haven't already made your head splode from thinking what permutation of shows you're gonna watch, there's a pretty nifty cheat sheet here. But if you're fretting about what combination of things to pack/wear/ditch to ensure utmost comfort without looking like some tragic, dehydrated, feral festival gross monster (remember last year's train wrecks?), well, lucky for you (and, let's face it, ALL OF US), our girl Whitney Port has broken down the math into WAY easy, followable rules. She's got a handy-dandy, sorta-obvious-but-not-in-the-throes-of-last-minute-spazz-packing guide. Here are our highlights.

COMFORTABLE SHOES: "Go with Converse or flats. Boots can be cute, but you'll end up with pretty embarrassing tan lines and they can often get a bit hot."

From left: Kimchi Blue Canvas Mary Jane, Converse All Star Stonewashed Canvas, and Marie Animal Print Pumps.
Photo: Courtesy of Urban Outfitters/Converse/Topshop

Our solution (from left): These floral lace-ups will securely stay on your foot whilst dancing, waiting for the facilities, DASHING from show to show.

Chucks need no introduction. Heavy co-sign 365. Reliable. Comfortable. Ubiquitous (for very good reason). Plus, if you don't presently have a pair in rotation (for shame) these are stonewashed so as not to be embarrassingly immaculate.

Animal-print pony flats go with EVERYTHING for any occasion.

FLOWY, LOOSE DRESSES: "These won't take up much room in your luggage, and they're easy to move around in. Plus they're good in the heat."

From left: Funktional Asteroid Dress, Savannah Tank Dress, and Striped Prints Strapless Dress.
Photo: Courtesy of Need Supply/Nasty Gal/Forever 21

Our solution (from left): This flowy, micro-Asteroid (NEED WE SAY MORE?) print dress has multiple points of interest. Looks just as good under a denim jacket or M-65. And is extremely memorable for "missed connection"-type scenarios.

A pretty, pretty, demure Peter Pan collar perfectly offsets your artfully beat up sneakers (see Chucks above). Plus, so evocative of the LEGENDARY baby-doll dress of grunge yore.

Yes, you and your boobs will be tugging at the top of this printed, strapless dress, and you definitely should pack a bandeau unless you're petite up top BUT you and your boobs will look AMAZING and funky tan-line-free for expert Coachella status.

COMFY SUNGLASSES: "Ones that actually shield the sun and that you're not constantly worrying about falling off. It's also not a bad idea to bring a cheap $10 pair that you wouldn't be too heartbroken about losing."

From top to bottom: Look Of Love Sunglasses, Charlie Sunglasses, and Monroe Cat Eye Sunglasses.
Photo: Courtesy of Modcloth/Fredflare/80sPurple

Our solution (from top): We live and DIE by cheapo sunnies and love this floral variation on the classic Lolita theme.

Tortoiseshell in a very RIGHT NOW silhouette. For 12 bucks.

Gigantic, incognito frames for late nights and squint-faced mornings after.

STATEMENT NAILS: "Getting my nails done since I'm leaving tomorrow for Coachella and I need to get something crazy!"

Whitney Port picking out nail designs on April 13.
Photo: Photo: Courtesy of Whitney Port's website

Aaaaaaand, if you're so organized as to have extra fash-time to add a little something to the ensemble as a whole, definitely get your nails done in an appropriately outdoorsy theme. Peep Ms. Port's nail post, too.