Get The Look: Tinsley Mortimer's Headband Braid

Tinsley Mortimer at the New Yorkers For Children Spring Dinner Dance in New York on April 12.
Photo: Getty Images

Tinsley Mortimer, New York City American socialite/fashion entrepreneur/quintessential 'IT' girl/descendant of Thomas Jefferson (really!)/the fairy godmother of Gossip Girl (if Gossip Girl were to have a fairy godmother), popped by the Annual New Yorkers for Children Spring Dinner Dance in New York City this week wearing SOME dress. It was Dior. It was colorful. It was very colorful. It was big. It was very big. And, unfortunately, it was NOT our fave Tinsley ensemble (what say you? do you like? are we crazy?). But, this girl-about-town does get major brownie points for the laid-back yet red carpet-appropriate hairline braid she added to the mix. The plait was so on target that it just about made up for the so-so frock choice. Annnnnnnd, while we have a feeling Tins took quite some time (hours, maybe) getting into her dress (check the bustles and ruffles and train! and then you have to practice sitting and standing and holding that strapless bad boy up), we bet her braid was whipped up in minutes. Don't believe us?

MINUTE 1: Part your hair (this will work with any texture) right above the arch in your eyebrow.

MINUTE 2: Starting at your hairline (or behind your bangs if you want them to fall out), grab a 2- to 3-inch section of hair to begin your loose cornrow with (P.S.- Cornrows are slightly different from french braids. Eeeks, don't know how to cornrow? Here's a quick tutorial).

MINUTE 3: Braid straight across your head toward your ear. Stop about an inch above the top of your ear, and secure strands with a small clear rubber elastic.