Is Frizz In? Karolina Kurkova, Camilla Belle, And Uma Thurman Rock Fuzzy Fringe

Karolina Kurkova at the Children Spring Dinner Dance in New York on April 12, Camilla Belle at 'Good Housekeeping''s Annual Shine On Awards in New York on April 12, and Uma Thurman on 'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon' in New York on April 8.
Photo: Getty Images

Like avoiding cupcake day at work, hitting the gym on Gossip Girl night, or explaining to your ex "noooo, I broke up with YOU," humidity-induced flyaways are, for the most part, a losing battle. We know, we know. We all try reeeeeally hard to give our strands a fighting chance, but the odds are usually stacked in favor of the wayward hair shaft. Before you decide to walk around with a paper bag on your head until the end of April or take an electric razor to your head, witness model Karolina Kurkova, and actresses Camilla Belle and Uma Thurman. Instead of, blow-drying, flat ironing and gel shellacking their strands to within an inch of life before hitting their respective red carpet events, they let their hair be what it wanted to be...which just so happened to be FRIZZY. Giving in isn't giving up, ladies and gents. Remember that. Especially, when you're ACTUALLY right on trend. Marc Jacobs, Topshop, and Vera Wang all embraced blew up to unimaginable proportions the frizzy hair look on the runway for spring. So, there. The next time your passive aggressive pal asks if you want to borrow their flat iron, say thanks, but no thanks, while shaking your hair wildly with your hands.

Tips to NOT looking completely crazy with your frizzy 'do:

1. Reign in your fuzzy strands just a bit by wearing them in a loose side braid (like Karolina and Uma) or a no-fuss bun like Camilla.

2. Just because your hair is cuckoo, doesn't mean your makeup should be. Make sure your foundation is perfectly blended, your lips are glossy and your brows are clean (they don't have to be Camilla-perfect, but you get our point).

3. To strike a balance with your look, team your tomboy hair with ladylike clothes—lace, satin, sleeveless.