Breaking! Sky Ferreira Goes From Blonde To Streaky Purple

Sky Ferreira with blonde hair on March 28 and with purple hair on April 12, 2011.

Photo: Getty Images

On the left, our "before" shot if you will, you will see singer/model/vespertine-spirit-around-town, Sky Ferreira as she attends the 8th annual Jeffrey Fashion Cares event, which was was held in New York City aboard the Intrepid aircraft carrier (naturally). The stylish lady (who you can see a great video of here [courtesy of us, YOU'RE WELCOME]) sports long, flowing, locks of blonde hair and dark roots. A sort of, less wavy, Drew Barrymore circa Poison Ivy-ish 'do that we both adore and admire in equal parts. On the right, Ms. Ferreira is snapped at the Scream 4 screening (ZOMG SO DYING TO SEE THAT MOVIE. Also, whoa. Drew Barrymore callback ALREADY? I'm such an expert), hosted by Curtis '50 Cent' Jackson and Harvey Weinstein (lol) last night in New York City. May I direct your attention to her hair once more to showcase the tonsorial decision making that resulted in PURPLE. The makeup is duly darkened to complement the dramatic hue and RESPECT can and will be doled out for the suitably pale lips. IDK, what do you think? We like the surliness of both in equal measure. Carefully conjured messiness is an art form, people. Look AND learn.