Let's Discuss: Ashley Tisdale Waited TWO YEARS For Her Hermès Birkin Bag. Would You Ever?

Ashley Tisdale at 'Good Housekeeping''s Annual Shine On Awards in New York on April 12.
Photo: Getty Images/Courtesy of Ashley Tisdale's Twitter

An "It Bag" is an "It Bag" is an "It Bag," unless that bag in question is an Hermès Birkin. We all long know that this iconic carryall is named after unparalleled beauty Jane Birkin blablablablabla. On the low end it costs $9K, and on the high end it marches straight up to the $50K region without batting a curly French eyelash. But has it ever occurred to you that you should own one? Like, for real, for real, like, dole out the cash and wait for MULTIPLE YEARS on a list with dignitaries and actresses and Russian heiresses for a handbag? Well, Disney actress and singer Ashley Tisdale did, and she got hers in blue. So here's our discussion topic of the day. If you had the income (not, like, so much money that you have to live in a fortified castle with a moat for fear of kidnapping and assassination) and the time, would you spend your cash and time in exactly this way? The MTV Style Squad has unanimously voted no, but what about y'all?