Hot Dude Of The Day: Adam Brody Is The Manboy We'll Adore Forever

Adam Brody at the 'Scream 4' premiere in Hollywood on April 11.
Photo: Getty Images

Remember freshman year of college when you sat in the back row of French 101, and that one dude aaaallllways managed to trickle into class five minutes after it started and made TONS of noise getting to his seat because he has headphones on and was lugging around the most random crap, some of which may or may not have been a surfboard (of all things) and you were slightly annoyed, but then when he turned around and said, "Sorry," with that little side smile so you TOTALLY forgave him and thought, "Whoa, am I into surfdude jocks now? Weird." Well, that's basically Adam Brody in a nutshell. He's the guy who noodles on his guitar while trying to learn a new language and pick up Cantonese cooking techniques while posting darling photo sets of pensive dogs on Tumblr. Super diverse interests and inscrutable and unmistakably beautiful. Observe: Mr. Brody at the Scream 4 premiere last night in Hollywood. He kept it collegiate-cool in a Theory blue and white striped shirt, black Theory V-neck sweater, khaki pants, and lace-up oxfords. But he didn't let his look get too predictable by leaving the sweater partially untucked and by sporting a little facial fuzz. Um, Adam... call me. Especially if you're not too busy doing a bajillion gorgeous hipster things that I have a TOTAL crush on. xoxo, Chrissy