Cover Girl Roundup: Lady Gaga, Lauren Conrad, Kim Kardashian, January Jones And Adele!

Oooooh, these covers just KEEP coming! Ahahahaha, right? Like, almost to where you think they're monthly magazines or something just as frequent! ANYWAY, in last week's "Cover Girl Roundup" we brought you Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry, Gwen Stefani and Olivia Palermo AMONG OTHERS, and this week we're bringing you Lady Gaga on the "Hot Fashion Issue" of Bazaar and Allure's FIRST iPad issue with the unfailingly beautiful Lauren Conrad. Plus, Kim Kardashian's controversial Cosmopolitan cover and January Jones for W, looking as cool and stark as the character she'll play in the upcoming X-Men movie, Emma Frost, who LITERALLY turns into diamonds. As Gucci "Big Ol Permanent Ice Cream On My Face" Mane would say, BURRRRRRR. And finally, to warm things up, Adele covers Rolling Stone with a smoldering, stunningly made-up face + hair situation that would smelt fillings if you stared too hard. OK, sorry that was gross. ONWARD!


Lady Gaga.
Photo: Courtesy of 'Harper's Bazaar'

Lady Gaga covers Harper's Bazaar in full rose hair and bone prosthesis regalia and noted in the issue that she believes that the late fashion designer Alexander McQueen is her career fairy godfather and, "up in heaven with fashion strings in his hands, marionetting away, planning this whole thing." Other, thoroughly Gaga-ish gems include: "I have never had plastic surgery. I think that promoting insecurity in the form of plastic surgery is infinitely more harmful than an artistic expression related to body modification." Um. For even more Gaga goodness, check out this MTV News report.


Lauren Conrad.
Photo: Courtesy of 'Allure'

Oh man, LC always looks best alfresco, in some natural fiber with the sun kissing the crown of her honey-colored locks. I mean, seriously, does this chick EVER have an unflattering moment? I guess so, especially since her excerpted quotes were, "You have two good angles and a hundred bad ones. If I'm shopping and I see paparazzi, my [hand]bag goes directly to my thighs." And: "I'm not a sexy person. I'm OK with it. I've never been the sexy girl. Whenever I've had a boyfriend, he's always been like, 'Oh, you're cute.'" Uuuuum, right? Thank you for letting us into your brain area, so we can discover your inner monologue sounds just like ours. Especially since she looks fantastic on this debut iPad issue of Allure.



Kim Kardashian.
Photo: Courtesy of 'Cosmopolitan Turkey'

When you're a gorgeous actress and starlet who is routinely shot for gigantic glossies such as Cosmo, it's par for the course that your flawless mug will grace the covers of all sorts of international editions. But things got a little delicate when Armenian Kim Kardashian found herself on the cover of Cosmo Turkey given the two countries' embittered history. Despite voicing her ire at the development, Kimmy K made nice with the ladymag and is rumored to be in talks to shoot another Cosmo cover as early as next week.



January Jones on the subscription and newsstand covers of 'W.'
Photo: Courtesy 'W' magazine

Seeing as she's a former model, it comes as no surprise that JJ's got the body and sense of timing that would make Nigel Barker and Tyra take note. Her endless alabaster gams look right at home on the cover of the newsstand cover of W, and the somewhat robotic stance, Giorgio Armani and Tana Acton cuffs, and hard-core Lisa Marie Fernandez swimsuit toooootally gives us strong Nadja Aurmann in a way that we lovelovelove. The look is even more magnified on the hard-edged, close-up subscription cover, no? Of her transition from South Dakota to Los Angeles by way of New York, the double threat has this to say: "There were a billion girls in New York City who wanted to be models. After a while I was immune to rejection, which helped when I went out to L.A. to become an actress." Tough stuff.



Photo: Courtesy of 'Rolling Stone'

Oh Adele. Gloriously eyelined, beguilingly tousled Adele. This British singer kills this Rolling Stone cover dead with the most bangingsome come-hither gaze. Of the songs on her hit album 21, the Grammy Award winner confesses that many were inspired by a harrowing breakup: "He made me an adult and put me on the road that I'm traveling on." GUH. Makes sense given the soulful, sometime doleful mood of the tracks. She also reveals that she has debilitating stage fright that compels her to spring out of a fire exit and puke her brains out. We would so hold your pretty hair. Maybe even smell it a little. You know, before the vom nuggets get on it. :)