Get The Look: Stephanie Pratt's Maxi Dress And Leather Jacket

Stephanie Pratt in a Tolani maxi dress and Doma leather jacket.
Photo: OutfitID

Last year's classic spaghetti strap + handkerchief hem maxi is definitely back, mostly because its versatility can't be denied. The Hills' Stephanie Pratt's outfit is a study in lending a frilly, pretty, floaty dress some clout by badassing it up with a leather jacket. The lovely thing about this specific piece of tough-guy outerwear is that it features an oversize scarf that only softens the transition from diaphanous silky stuff to animal hide but gives the silhouette an interesting twist in the front. Given the length of the dress, a fitted jacket that hits at the hip would be too stark a contrast (she could pull it off if the jacket was shrunken and cropped shorter, but then you're stuck with this hyper-stylized leather jacket) so the longer, knitted lapel (my only beef with it is that I wish it were removable; it's not) gives another point of interest AND mimics the floaty hem on the dress. The dress is on pre-order here and ships 4/30. And you can cop the jacket now while you wait for it.