Let's Talk About: Sneaker Flip-Flop Hybrids

A Women's Chuck Taylor All Star Hi Flip-Flop Sneaker by Converse
Photo: Courtesy of Converse

Where to even begin. Obviously there are functional merits to the decision making here. Who hasn't gotten a little swampy around the toes when you're free-footing it in canvas high-tops in the summertime? But just as toasty as you need your tarsals to be come winter and just as I'd sooner drive a stake in my eye than wear Uggs (this is a personal testament; not to be confused as the view of MTV as a whole), I'm not sure I would ever, evereverever wear these oddball hybrid shoes. I champion experimentation in all things but we think this is :( What do you guys think? The Converse Women's Chuck Taylor All Star Hi Flip Flop Sneaker is available at DSW for $35. If you can convincingly pull these off, we salute you. God speed.