Dolce & Gabbana And Justin Bieber Are Hipster Chic In Designer Glasses

Domenico Dolce, Justin Bieber, and Stefano Gabbana at the Dolce & Gabbana Gold Restaurant on April 9, 2011 in Milan.
Photo: Jeff Kravitz/Getty Images

Following Justin Bieber's long-awaited Milan concert on Saturday, Dolce & Gabbana hosted a fancy aftershow bash for the pop sensation. We've been clocking Biebz' style transformation ever since he single-handedly broke the entire internet and reduced the news cycle to a repetitive, dithering MESS with a haircut (and switched up his jewelry style), so OF COURSE we took note of how consistently the Canadian heartthrob has been spotted dipped head-to-toe in his Italian friends' threads. Peep this awesome Domenico Dolce + Justin Bieber + Stefano Gabbana sandwich. Twelve eyes are definitely better than 6. Especially if the eyes in question are behind Dolce & Gabbana frames.