Lady Gaga Wears Jeans, Courtney Love Hawks Couture via eBay, Taylor Swift Could Be Your Hairdresser, And More Fashion News

Lady Gaga in jeans!
Photo: Courtesy of Styleite

Lady Gaga wears jeans. In a highly Gaga-ish fashion. That is all. {Styleite}

• The hottest spring trend seems to be designers going to court. The latest plaintiff is Christian Louboutin, who filed a lawsuit last week against Yves Saint Laurent claiming that the designer's red shoes with red soles are a total rip-off of Louboutin's iconic pumps. {Coco Perez}

• According to a report in the Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health, people who shopped a little bit every day lived longer than those who consciously avoided retail therapy. Over 100 club, here we come! {Glamour}

• Rocker Courtney Love has just opened an eBay store called "Courtney Love Couture," where she's taking bids for everything from a Vivienne Westwood asymmetrical skirt to a Gucci minidress, which she's owned and worn. {Styleite}

• She sings! She acts! She plays the piano! And, apparently, Taylor Swift can do hair, too. {People StyleWatch}

• The Andy Warhol Foundation has lent some of the artist's work (including his iconic 1966 banana) to a new series of pop art iPhone and iPad cases, sleeves and bags from Incase. {T magazine}

• Now you can pick up a bucket of mayonnaise, a lawn hose, AND a $1 million diamond ring in one stop. Costco is selling a massive 6.77 ct diamond solitaire that retails for $1,601,875! {The Consumerist}