Hot Dude Of The Day: Every Band Should Dress Like Panic! At The Disco

Brendon Urie and Spencer Smith of Panic! At The Disco at Logo's NewNowNext Awards in Hollywood on April 7.
Photo: Getty Images

So, we maaaay have a thing for band dudes. But there's, "Yay! Band dudes!" and then there's BAND. DUDES. You know, the ones that have, like, listless sadface groupies who are either way too young or way too old and have major tour bus/van stank. Well, we're into those guys, too (within reason) and will appreciate their musical offerings gladly. BUT when other certain band dudes step-and-repeat on the red carpet looking SO SHARP that you could have mistaken them for an A-list actor, we get SUPER HAPPY. Observe: Panic! At The Disco at Logo's NewNowNext Awards. These band dudes (Brendon Urie and Spencer Smith) know how to dress. Not only are they cute in the face, but their suits are TO DIE. Brendon went full flair and wore a gray satin trimmed jacket, paisley ascot (is this becoming a thing?!), crisp white button up shirt, black pants, and thick plastic frame glasses. Spencer opted for a lean, tweed gray suit, light green skinny tie (for great textural interplay), and black and white checkered shirt. On the grooming front, we're totes into both of their almost-pompadours, but when it comes to their outfits, we have to say that Brendon wins by a neck. Making a paisley ascot TWERK is the business, but what do you guys think? Ogle them and a bunch of other mega attractive folk at the Logo event that airs tonight at 10 p.m. ET/9 p.m. CT.