Breaking ‘Jersey Shore’ Style News: Snooki’s New Glam Look! Complete With Gorilla Juice Head Accessories!

Snooki at a photo shoot, wearing a T-shirt which benefits the Ali Forney Center.
Photo: Courtesy of Snooki’s Facebook

First Sammi starts looking like Kim Kardashian, and now Snooki’s taking on a new look? Our favorite guidette posted a pic of herself surrounded by four HEAVILY MUSCLED men who were also glistening (deathly important style detail!). The Snookster was specifically glamour-shot ready for this photo shoot that was held to benefit the Ali Forney Center, a not-for-profit that helps get homeless LGBT youth off the streets and integrated back into society. The spirals of glossy curls, her exquisitely executed smoky eyes…everything about this made us do a double take and wonder whether this really is the same girl who asks, “Is my kooka showing?”

Snooki with photographer Mike Ruiz.
Photo: Courtesy of Snooki’s Facebook

What do you think? Do you like Snooki better glammed up or are you missing the around-the-way girl with the hurr bump? WE DON’T KNOW!!??? I mean, she looks amazing here, right?

Sammi and Deena model Mike Ruiz’s tees.
Photo: Courtesy of Mike Ruiz’s Facebook

Sammi and Deena were in on the action and went with very old-Hollywood glam looks too, with flowing curls and gorgeous doe eyes.

BONUS: Not to leave you without a yoked up male model yourself: Grab the tee, which is designed by celebrity photographer Mike Ruiz and features a bare-chested hunk showing it all off. Profits support the Ali Forney Center! Sammi’s tee, Deena’s tee, and more can be found here.

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