Cover Girl Roundup: Nicki Minaj, Gwen Stefani, Katy Perry, Olivia Palermo, And More!

New week, new roundup of pretty, pretty magazine covers! In this installment of Cover Girl Roundup (check out last week's if you missed it) we've got more music covers from Elle, international editions of Elle (we see you Belgium and Mexico [who knew?]), that slightly controversial issue of and the new and totally WANT-ABLE issue of InStyle Hair. Now, let's have a look-see.


Nicki Minaj and Gwen Stefani.
Photo: Courtesy of 'Elle'

Music plus fashion plus magazeeeeens is SO up our alley, and the fact that Elle's released the follow-up to the sick Robyn cover we peeped last week makes us deeply, seriously happy. I mean, Gwen Stefani AND Nicki Minaj. Two wildly different women with wildly different setups, both looking equally wonderful. Um. Also, yeah, hi, this Nicki dress is to DIE.


Katy Perry & Olivia Palermo.
Photo: Courtesy of 'Elle'

Mmmm... so much leg. Katy Perry looks jaunty and delightful in this Belgium Elle. Supercute shorts and METALLIC PLATFORM SANDALS. Om nom nom. Olivia Palermo looks gorgeous, tanned and 11-feet tall in this LUSH, windblown homage to spring for the cover of Elle Mexico. Mexico. Sculpted leg. Tan. Christian Louboutin Salsbourgs. Jealous.


Hayley Williams & Ashley Greene.
Photo: Courtesy of 'Cosmopolitan' & 'InStyle Hair'

We're already on full buzzworthy alert about the Cosmo cover with Paramore frontwoman, Hayley Williams looking decidedly... demure but what's unimpeachable is the fact that the flame-tressed singer looks beautiful and sexy all the same in this polka-dotted, figure-hugging minidress. And talk about riding giants. The Perfect Curl in this new InStyle devoted entirely to hair (GIMME) makes for glossy graceful awning atop Ashley Greene whose hoop earrings and impish grin make this portrait shot as completely engaging as a full-length.