Top Style Blogger Looks Of The Week: Sequined Minis

Katy Atlas, Francesca Robertson, and Ashley Mahoney.
Photo: Courtesy of the bloggers: Sugarlaws, Le Kiss Kiss, and Free Honey

It seems that the whole "no-white after Labor Day" rule has been overturned—people now wear whatever color they want, whenever they want. Case closed. But now there's a new debate plaguing fashion folk. Many are under the assumption that you can't/shouldn't/wouldn't be caught dead wearing sequins after New Year's Day. Why? Because it's synonymous with a party...or a disco ball...or a princess tiara? Who knows?! Who cares. Some of our fave bloggers have thrown caution to the wind by rocking minis in the sparkly fabric whenever they feel like it, in their own ways. There's ALWAYS room for glitter. Duh.

Katy Atlas of Sugarlaws

Blog: Twitter: @sugarlaws.

In addition to being one heck of a dresser, Katy can cook (not ramen noodle, for real cook). Her blog is actually about fashion and food. One of her recent posts was about this chocolate souffle cake she made, and it made us drool. So did this black miniskirt that chef Katy partners with a GORGE Tory Burch V-neck cardigan. Yums.

Francesca Robertson of Le Kiss Kiss

Blog: Twitter: @lekisskiss.

Thanks a lot, Francesca! Your whole vibe makes us want to go on a tropical vacation—someplace hot...with a pool...and a salsa band. Instead, we're stuck behind a computer. Blah. Fran (can we call you Fran?), an aspiring fashion/entertainment lawyer, pairs her loose Calypso St. Barth white sequin SHORTS with a ruffled tank, wide belt, leopard print open toe wedges and a strappy over-the-shoulder bag. Well played.

Ashley Mahoney of Free Honey

Blog: Twitter: @freehoneyashley.

Ashley totally fooled us (which, P.S., isn't an easy thing to do). That flirty little skirt she's wearing is actually a flirty little dress from Zara. The Manhattanite wears it as a skirt under a striped sweater from Gap. Her rugged Seychelle boots and skinny H&M belt also help 360 the look from night to day.


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