Get To Know These Fashion-y Famous Kids: Selah Marley, Lily Collins, And Zelda Williams

Uuuuuuuuuum. There are moments in life when I feel as old as these here hoary hills (IDK, I mean, I'm in Times Square so who knows WHERE this is going...). Moments like when I realize that human people that are the same age as sweaters I own (yes, they're still cute and not pilly, STOP JUDGING) can buy cigarettes. It's the same feeling I got when I learned that the offspring of recording artists and actors are well on their way to BUYING AND SELLING ME due to their own monumental successes in their respective careers. Now, before you go on giving yourselves aneurisms from rolling your eyes super hard due to these kids (yes, they are CHILDREN as far as I'm concerned *pulls wooly blanket closer around shoulders*) getting a leg up in life having sprung from celebrity loins, I'm only going to direct your attention to the OTHER MANY MANY train wrecks who are born to important people whose elevated stations ending up hurting them. Aaaand to stop hating because it is a damned waste of time. I can make declarative statements such as these. I am 1 MILLION YEARS OLD. Anyway, enough... on to the youth.


Selah Marley in the April 2011 issue of 'Teen Vogue'.
Photo: Courtesy of 'Teen Vogue'

+ Singer and model (double-threat)

+ 12 years old (dorbz)

+ Grandfather is Bob Marley

+ Loves the Biebs

+ Follow her on Twitter (but in a non-weird way—come on, people she is a child).


Lily Collins at Wondercon in San Francisco on April 2, and at the 'Vanity Fair' Oscar party in West Hollywood on Feb. 27.
Photo: Getty Images

+ 22 years old

+ Broadcast journalism major at USC (aw, honey, media's a tough life)

+ Pop culture correspondent for Nickelodeon (WHADDAP VIACOM)

+ Style Icons: Sarah Jessica Parker, Cameron Diaz, Agyness Deyn, Rachel Bilson, America Ferrera

+ Favorite Designers: Marc Jacobs, Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, Vivienne Westwood

+ Worked for ELLEGirl UK, Seventeen, and CosmoGIRL!

+ Is an actress now. Has been in a BUNCH of movies, like The Blind Side and several episodes of "90210," but JUST got announced to play the lead in Snow White.

+ Twitter feed


Zelda Williams at the CFDA 'Vogue' Fashion Fund Finalists celebration in L.A. on Oct. 19, and in '160g Magazine.'
Photo: Getty Images/Courtesy of '160g Magazine'

+ 21 years old

+ One of People's 100 Most Beautiful People (obvi, look at her)

+ Check out her interview and photo shoot with 160Grams Magazine

+ A crazy quotable style philosophy (a gem from the article above): "In L.A., every girl I know has a stylist who just puts them in whatever they can beg, borrow, or steal and shoves them out on the red carpet, but that’s not me. Except for very special occasions, I usually do my own hair and makeup and buy what it is I'm wearing and I'm comfortable with that. At the end of the day, you have to own up to what it is you're putting on. So what if someone doesn't like it? At least I won't ever feel like the clothes I have on are wearing me."

+ Also, on Twitter.