Hot Dude Of The Day: Matthew McConaughey Still WERKS His Southern Charm

Matthew McConaughey poses during 'Lincoln Lawyer' photocall at Hotel Shangri-La on April 4, 2011 in Paris, France.
Photo: David Wolff-Patrick/Getty Images

We get it, Mr. McConaughey. You're all sweet and southern and such a GENT. It's like, if we were stranded on the dust-ridden countryside with nothing but tumbleweed and bad cell phone service, you'd be that calling from heaven that would pull up in his beat-up truck, roll up his sleeves, and just start getting to work under our hood (TMI?) without even speaking a WORD. You'd just fix our car, smile, wink and then go on with your day, and we'd be all, "OMIGOD WHO WAS THAT?!" and you'd be transfixed into our hearts forever. THAT'S the Matthew McConaughey that is permanently burned into our minds, so we sort of spazzed when he turned up to a Lincoln Lawyer photocall all gussied up! He wore an extremely well-fitted gray striped suit, crisp white shirt, blue patterned skinny tie, white pocket square, and golden brown oxfords. While we're not used to this Matthew McConaughey look, we have absoluttttttely no complaints about this ensemble! He mixed Southern charm perfectly with 9-to-5 attire, and we think he'd STILL pull over and help us fix our car if need be. Don't worry, we'd hold his jacket for him.