UPDATE: Ed Westwick's Hot Mystery Bromantic Interest REVEALED!!! Plus, Dude is Sporty AND Fashionable!

Ed Westwick and his friend at the New Jersey Nets vs. New York Knicks game in New York on March 30.
Photo: WireImage

Last week, we were perplexed and hurt but fuzzy and SMILESIES that gorgeous-faced Ed Westwick (who was wearing a particularly winsome outfit that night [sans socks, too, swooooon]) took a mysterious, attractive, faintly international-looking gentleman friend to a Knicks game right here in New York despite our also living in New York and maybe DYING to go to a basketball game SPECIFICALLY with Ed Westwick that night *clears throat so loudly one's larynx bleeds.* We googled like crazyladies to find out WHO just WHO would dare to be taken to a Knicks game instead of us and could not succesfully ID the pretty, preppy blond man, so we spent the entire weekend locked in our offices, chanting and whipping our own backs in the darkness with rock-filled pantyhose. Not really, we went home and maybe forgot about it, BUT THEN a lovely, helpful man by the name of Aymen Ahmed hit us on Facebook and told us it's footballer Charlie Henry! OF COURSE IT IS! Football's a thing! A sport or some other verb that is appreciated by humans or something!

Anyway, Chaz and Ed are like besties, and the three of them went to The Barclay School in Stevenage together. And Charlie was visiting Ed because he was injured and resting from his regular footie schedule at Luton Town Football Club, and THAT'S why Ed looked so darned happy. When asked whether or not the two were as fashionable in school, Aymen responded, "What do you expect? We're Brits from the countryside :)" Which we're going to take as a resounding yes! The alternative is too deeply upsetting. Mmmm... sweaters against the lush green of English hills. And... bowlers. And lorries. And red phone booths? Next up: RESEARCH ENGLISH COUNTRYSIDE. Thanks, Aymen.