A Dress Made Of 1,200 Pens: Do You Think Lady Gaga Would Wear It?

A model in the pen dress, and Lady Gaga in Paris on March 2.
Photo: Solent News & Photo Agency/Getty Images

Annette Carey is the latest fashion designer to declare her want/need for Lady Gaga to wear one of her frocks. We can't knock her for trying. Pretty much anyone (think: Noritaka Tatehana and Franc Fernandez) who designs a piece that Lady G actually decides to walk out of her house in becomes instantly BIG TIME (cue "I've Got the Golden Ticket" from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory). But of course you can't JUST stitch a regular ol' floor-length gown and expect Gaga to pay it an ounce of attention. Annette knew this, which is why she decided to create a strapless white and black cocktail dress made out of 1,200 Biro pens (a British brand of ballpoint). The sheath took 640 hours to make (poor fingers!), it weighs 8 pounds, and it costs $16,000. BUT, would Lady Gaga wear it? We're gonna have to say no. Remember, this the same woman who occasionally shops sans pants and wears prosthetics in her face. Yeeeeaaaah. We're thinking a boatload of pens is just too tame for the intended wearer. Sorry, Annette! But, what do you think?