Hot Dude Of The Day: David Beckham Gets His Nose Picked In Public, Still Looks Hot

David Beckham and his son Romeo Beckham at a Dallas Mavericks vs. Los Angeles Lakers game in L.A. on March 31.
Photo: Getty Images

Let's all say it together: AWWWWWWW! There's nothing cuter than LEGIT father-son hang time, but David Beckham and his 9-year-old son Romeo are taking adorable to ridiculously new heights. Both boys were spotted at a Lakers game last night sporting team spirit tees paired with sneaks and matching beanies! *squee* But obviously the biggest fashion statement (literally) was the GIGANTIC purple and yellow hand Romeo wore. We love how he doesn't use it to cheer on his team, but instead to dig for gold in his dad's nose. We can't condemn him for utilizing the prop in an unconventional (perhaps more sanitary?) way, and, quite honestly, it's AWESOMELY hilarious. You go, Romeo.