Let's Discuss: Kelis' Frontless Pants

Kelis Jones on March 30, 2011, and convertible men's trousers from Luar Zepol.
Photo: Getty Images/Luar Zepol

We first spied the cutaway trousers from Luar Zepol (the quizzical man on the right) courtesy of our friends at Refinery29 in their must-read "Rad or Bad" column, and now face a complementary fashion conundrum. On the left, you'll see the lovely Kelis at the Vivienne Westwood flagship store opening in Los Angeles last night. We were all, 'Oh, Kelis, nice bowler..." and clicked to the next image when we realized her bold decision to partner millinery with shorts was an even weirder decision because she's wearing harem pants (not mad at them having pockets, f'real) relieved of front panels on the trouser legs. Now, THAT is a lot of information, so we must now pose this question to you.

What do you think of cutaway trousers as a whole? Follow-up: What do you think of Kelis' pants specifically? Love? Hate? We think it would work with some billowing, asymmetrical, unisex hooded thing without sleeves, but that's a pretty particular lane. Could y'all make this work? Do tell us in the comments.