Top Style Blogger Looks Of The Week: A New Kind Of Animal Print

Lauren Moyer, Kimberly Pesch, Lynzy Carey.
Photo: Courtesy of the Bloggers; Sparrow & Urchin, Eat.Sleep.Wear., Sparkling Footsteps

OK, ever since Miu Miu debuted their supercute kitty print on the runway in '09, our inner cat lady has come out FULL FORCE (Ahaha, who are we kidding? Our cat lady is always out. And friendly! And eating pizza pie!). We've been keeping our eye out for amazing animal motifs, and we're thrilled that the trend is spreading like wildfire (awww... so many natural habitats ruined by wildfire... someone come fix all the sadface idioms, stat!) Anyway, we've spotted horses, birds, foxes, elephants and even (gasp) FLAMINGOS. Luckily, some of our fave bloggers were also spotted rocking this animalistic look in their own amazing way that we are going to steal ideas from. Let's take a look-see, shall we?

Lauren Moyer of Sparrow & Urchin

Blog: Twitter: @moyerdestroyer.

Oh hai, Lauren. Can we be you? Your ability to perfectly mix patterns is TOTALLY putting us over the edge. We're obsessed with this former-prep-school-girl-turned-art-school-chic look. The best part? The fox print tights! Look at those bad boys. Cop a pair of your own at Anthropologie.

Kimberly Pesch of Eat.Sleep.Wear.

Blog: Twitter: @eatsleepwear.

MEEEOOWW. We can't remember the last time a cat lady looked THIS good (actually we do! *glances at mirror* *fluffs hair* JK! You're the best Kimberly). Kimberly pairs her sheer kitty print Zara blouse with orange cuffed shorts, sheer black tights, and knee-high boots. She smartly cinches the entire outfit at the waist to give the physique a focal point in an all together cute, stylish, and totally workplace-friendly ensemble. We hope you're taking notes.

Lynzy Carey of Sparkling Footsteps

Blog: Twitter: @sparklingsteps.

So, when we first saw this outfit we were all, 'WHOAA ELEPHANT PRINT BLOUSE. COOOL.' But then, once we read the fine print, this vintage elephant "blouse" is actually a onesie! *mind blown* Lynzy totally made a summer romper winter ready by pairing it with dark wide leg jeans and a black cardigan. We're a little jealous we didn't think of this first (YOINK!).


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