Look By Look: Katy Perry's 'E.T.' Music Video

Photo: Courtesy of Capitol Records

Katy Perry may have been a California Gurl in previous vids, but in the video for her latest single, E.T., the singer is out of this world. Throughout the clip (which premieres today!), KP sort of floats/falls through outer space swathed in supernatural-style hair (by Pamela Neal), makeup (by Kabuki), garb (styled by Johnny Wujek and Carol Beadle), and eyeballs (her pupils change hue from ocean blue to carmel to a weird gray). Check out all of the looks below…

Talk about a HAIRDO! Hairstylist Pamela Neal did flat twists on Katy's hair and then whipped it up into a braided masterpiece to match the neckline on her dress.

Katy's makeup seems to have a mind of its own, as it spreads and shrinks across her forehead and chin. Wild.

As Katy flies through space, her gowns, which match the stars and planets in the background, float behind her.

Same hair, different color. But check out Katy's intricate Henna-style forehead pattern.

The cheekbone contouring situation that makeup artist Kabuki gave Katy here is AMAZEBALLS.

This white frock with mega-shoulder pads reminds us of a wedding dress. But Katy's expression doesn't scream "happy bride." Just sayin'.

This just might be the most gorgeous image we've seen in a music video in a looooong time. The sunset (or Plutoset, depending on what planet Katy is on), Katy's dress floating behind her... BEAUTIFUL.

Here's a closer look at the gold-plated/feathered/layered dress.

Long nails must be the trend in outer space. Katy's are gilded in gold to match her arm bling.

Oh, we didn't mention that Kanye West was floating around in the video, too?! Yep, 'Ye has a cameo. But, with the tee, shiny jeans and sneaks, he looks more human than alien.

Katy's hair bump puts others we've seen to shame. And check out the animalistic spots that highlight her cheekbones.

Katy (the alien) finds a pair of human sunglasses circa 2011. Finders keepers.

The white specks look fly on Katy, dontcha think?

Hmmm, the things you'll do for love. We sort of love the fact that Katy's beau is rocking a high-top fade. Everything old comes back around.