Hot Dude Of The Day: Patrick Wolf Looks Cute As A Button (Heh!)

Patrick Wolf performs in London on March 29.
Photo: Getty Images

Indie darling Patrick Wolf is JUST that—an absolute and total darling! We're not only obsessed with his dreamy voice and multi-instrumentalist skillzzzz, but we're SERIOUSLY into his buttoned-up performance outfit he sported last night in London (uh, can you say electric violin???). First off, WHOA BUTTON SLEEVES that kinda remind us of studded sleeve Burberry trenches. And, speaking of Burberry, did you know lovely Patrick modeled for its 2007 campaign? Well, he DID). Next up: floppy tie. Awwww. What's not to love? It makes him look young, fresh, and endearing and vulnerable. Pants: Mmmm hmmm. Makes it look all suit-like and stuff with, WAIT FOR IT, sequin boots? (*Zooms in*) NUH UH... Those aren't sequins... THOSE ARE BUTTONS! He has all-button shoes to match his all-button jacket! OMGGG he IS the ultimate boss of buttons! BENJAMIN BUTTON'S HEAD SPLODES!