View From Across The Pond: Fashion Check-In With Alexa Chung, Bip Ling, Sienna Miller, Fearne Cotton, And More!

We get our fashion inspiration everywhere. From runways, magazine pages, cereal boxes, formerly dear friends whose clothes we were NOT COPYING BUT PAYING HOMAGE TO GAWD, to old movies. Sometimes we even collect idea pellets from our dear friends in pippipcheerio-PG-Tips-guzzling, Marks & Spencer's-shopping, CRISPS-eating ENGUHLAND. Especially since it seems everyone over there got at least 30-34 percent more attractive and fun to look at. Forthwith, I introduce you our new feature "View From Across The Pond" an intermittent check in with the pretty young lasses (wait, that's like Scottish, right? And English people and Scottish people beef? Hmm... ) from the Old Country to take a peek into the trends that are sweeping their rolling hillocks and fecund dells (dudes, stay with me here it's almost over) on the backs and feet of some seriously gorge girls. This round we've got Alexa Chung, Sienna Miller, Bip Ling, Daisy Lowe, Fearne Cotton and Adele.

Alexa Chung on March 15, Sienna Miller on March 25, and Bip Ling on March 24, 2011.
Photo: Getty Images

As a whole, we're seeing a great deal of reds, grays, and blacks. Dyed skinny jeans, waxed jeggings, shortie boots, platform heels, Opaque tights are de rigueur. As are scoop necklines. As always we love any adornment Bip places on her darling head. This big loosey-goosey bow perfectly accentuates her way-too-long-in-a-cute-way sleeves.

Daisy Lowe on March 30, Fearne Cotton on March 28, and Adele on March 24, 2011.
Photo: Getty Images

Hardware resplendent scuffed-up boots with messy bangs to match on Ms. Lowe. Opaque tights galore on all three with more red on the girls (with the exception of the ever elegant, always black-clad Adele) from Daisy's scarlet smock to the accessories on Fearne Cotton. The thing we'd most like to note of Ms. Cotton's ensemble is that she's taken summer elements and winterized them. Cutoff jorts with open-toed shoes DEF work with toasty, thick tights and judging from the naval stripes we'd bet Fearne's rocking a boatneck shirt, which leads us to the silhouette of Adele's black dress with three-quarter-length sleeves. Typically we'd make comment of the fact that we'd love to see some jewelry or similar bits of "flair" on the singer, but DAMN, if her eyelash game ain't right.